Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Another Lull....

So it seems we've hit another lull in our project list.  Feels like we are either in full force and crazy mode or not doing anything at all.  Trust me there are no shortages of things to do and the dreams just seem to be getting bigger and bigger.  These days I've been finding myself wanting to scrap it all and start over again....think I'm just sick of looking at the same old stuff with no change AT ALL, in addition to trying to get back to "normal" after the holiday rush.  So what to do next....paint more rooms? Go with a big project?  Just get something little to make it feel like a big change?......unfortunately I wish I had the answer to that question.   I have to tell you all though I am reading your blogs and you are inspiring me to rethink some things or possibly go with a different idea.  I recently saw a bloggers idea of doing a tray ceiling in the dining room.......hmmmmmm, its got me thinking!!  I have also recently discovered Pintrest and now I'm crazily hooked (which is why I was trying to avoid it to begin with), but its got my creative ideas list brewing.  The kids rooms and the office/toy room have been hot on my list of  upcoming projects and  Pintrest is definitely helping my cause.  I LOVE organization and lately my house feels everything but organized.....the kids stuff just seems everywhere.....THEY NEED GOOD HOMES (the stuff that is)!  Everything needs its place and I'm on a mission to find it.  My husband, also seems to be on the same path only his mission seems much bigger.....THE BASEMENT!!!  We both would love to get the basement finished but thats a big project I'm not sure we're ready to tackle yet for many reasons.  And as we've enjoyed some nice weather, of course I've got the garden bug again....trying to figure out EXACTLY what will make me happy in terms of a patio, sidewalk, landscaping and  doing it on a budget that will make me do the happy dance every time I go outside.  Ahhhhhhh.....yes we are full of ideas just stuck on the motivation to tackle one of them and deciding which one it is to do next.  Please keep blogging your photos, ideas, and how to's and hopefully we'll get our spunk back and get some of these projects crossed off our list.  

Hoping we'll have some new updates soon......   wishing I had a mystery project picture for you but the mystery is I guess what the next project will be in general.    Any inspiration you want to share with us is highly encouraged and welcomed!!