Wednesday, October 17, 2012

And there is Color.....FINALLY!!!

Since before this house was completed I have been picking paint.....I am a person who needs color in her life so needless to say these white walls have felt like a prison for way too long (like over 400 days....but whose counting).  We have finally painted our first room and I can't be more excited!! We picked the guest room since it would be the least bothersome and disruptive to our daily lives and it was a fairly easy and quick room to paint.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE how it turned out.   For those who are curious,  the color is Olympic brand-Toffee Crunch.  Initially we tried to color match it to another paint brand but it just had an uncomfortable hue to it......and knowing our past with "hue" issues (see our past blog about the pink siding), we thought better stick to the actual paint brand and quite honestly  the paint seems pretty good.    An y way I think the color really fit the style and comfort of the room and just finally makes it feel complete.  Now all we have left to do is make some matching toss pillows for the bed and chair and paint the dresser black to match the other items in the room.   Hopefully our guest room will make all our guests feel at home when they come to visit. 

 taking bedroom pictures is tough...but hopefully you get the idea!

So now with one room done we are actually on to the next and will be quite busy over the next few months finally putting some paint on these walls and making our house our home.   Of course we'll be keeping you all posted of our progress........

Friday, October 5, 2012

They Fit!!

Thankfully between the garage sale we had this summer and the completion of the new shed we were able to clear out our garage to use it for its intended purpose....our cars!!!  This is the first time we have actually used our garage to house both cars AND THEY FIT!!!   We recently traded in our car for a new minivan and were very surprised that not only do two vehicles fit in the garage but two minivans  fit in the garage and with room to spare.  I'm hoping this means this year we won't be de-icing any vehicles or dragging kids in and out of slushy, muddy, snow to get to and from the car.

Also, just thought we would post a picture to give you a hint of what other new updates will be coming soon.....

.....stay tuned!!!