Friday, October 5, 2012

They Fit!!

Thankfully between the garage sale we had this summer and the completion of the new shed we were able to clear out our garage to use it for its intended purpose....our cars!!!  This is the first time we have actually used our garage to house both cars AND THEY FIT!!!   We recently traded in our car for a new minivan and were very surprised that not only do two vehicles fit in the garage but two minivans  fit in the garage and with room to spare.  I'm hoping this means this year we won't be de-icing any vehicles or dragging kids in and out of slushy, muddy, snow to get to and from the car.

Also, just thought we would post a picture to give you a hint of what other new updates will be coming soon.....

.....stay tuned!!!


  1. Isn't that a relief! Using the garage for its intended purpose--that works! You all did a GREAT! Congratulations on the new wheels!!

  2. Did you get a 4 ft extension on your garage? We did but I am worried that both our vehicles won't fit with kids bikes, lawn mower, etc.....Did your husband build your shed from scratch or did he find a kit somewhere? That will be on our spring to-do list too.

    1. We didn't get the 4' extension on our garage....wish we had known about it cause we probably would have. We hung the bikes from our garage ceiling, and the lawn mower was put away for the season but our snow blower and other bulky garage items are in the garage and still allow us plenty of space. As for the shed, my husband actually designed and built the shed from scratch. Its almost done.... just need to add some flower boxes to the front and add shelving to the inside. He did a great job though. He was even able to rig up some electricity in there using solar panels which I thought was pretty smart and handy.