Tuesday, May 31, 2011

They dug a hole!!!! And we have internet again!

Our internet is back up. Yay!!!  Our "summer rental" is going well except for the fact that the new sidewalks and curbs are going in this week. We have to park a block away (for today).  Everything went smoothly with the move!  The kids had a few melt downs leaving the old house but they love the rental and have settled in nicely. Not bad for two four year olds and a three year old.  I have yet to download the pictures for the "fn" hole as it has become affectionately known as (not around the kids) but, it did get dug in spite of the crazy amounts of rain last week.  The footers were in and they are expected to put up the basement walls on Wednesday.  I will have pics up as soon as they fly off the card.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Waiting to break ground!

Our pre-construction meeting went great! It was nice to meet our project manager and get our projected move month (they give you a month at this point. they said they would have the move week by the pre drywall meeting)  We spent a bunch upgrading the lighting package.  The white mushroom lights weren't going to cut it.  I think they are waiting on the rain to stop and the permits to come through to break ground.  At least a few more days.  We had an Unofficial ground breaking with the kids and their sand buckets last weekend. The kids had a blast.
In the mean time we are moving everything to the storage units and getting ready for our "summer home".  We don't have an official closing date yet but we are planning to move this weekend. 

Friday, May 6, 2011

Blog Fail

I spent the last few days wondering why no one was visiting.  I turns out I changed the permissions settings so that only I could see the page. I think one of the boys was randomly clicking things.  Anyway, we have a meeting this Friday to go sign the sellers paperwork for our old house.  I will post pics when they break ground.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Waiting is the hardest thing.

We are waiting for our rep to call us and schedule the Pre-construction meeting.  And waiting. I'm sure it feels like a lot longer than it should.  In the mean time we have been packing up everything to move to our "Summer House".  Still waiting to hear when the closing is on our old house. I will be  very mad if they push it back to after school is out.  School is the reason we are staying an hour away from the new house during the summer.  We  could have gone anywhere this summer.  I will post more pictures when they break ground.