Tuesday, May 31, 2011

They dug a hole!!!! And we have internet again!

Our internet is back up. Yay!!!  Our "summer rental" is going well except for the fact that the new sidewalks and curbs are going in this week. We have to park a block away (for today).  Everything went smoothly with the move!  The kids had a few melt downs leaving the old house but they love the rental and have settled in nicely. Not bad for two four year olds and a three year old.  I have yet to download the pictures for the "fn" hole as it has become affectionately known as (not around the kids) but, it did get dug in spite of the crazy amounts of rain last week.  The footers were in and they are expected to put up the basement walls on Wednesday.  I will have pics up as soon as they fly off the card.

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