Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Waiting to break ground!

Our pre-construction meeting went great! It was nice to meet our project manager and get our projected move month (they give you a month at this point. they said they would have the move week by the pre drywall meeting)  We spent a bunch upgrading the lighting package.  The white mushroom lights weren't going to cut it.  I think they are waiting on the rain to stop and the permits to come through to break ground.  At least a few more days.  We had an Unofficial ground breaking with the kids and their sand buckets last weekend. The kids had a blast.
In the mean time we are moving everything to the storage units and getting ready for our "summer home".  We don't have an official closing date yet but we are planning to move this weekend. 

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  1. Hi Andy and Jennel! I just re-found your blog. I can't believe that you found a buyer, and are moving out of your house so quickly. I'm having heart palpatations thinking about moving only once, and in 4 months! Good luck. I can't wait to see pictures as your house goes up.