Friday, October 11, 2013

To blog or not to Blog....and some little updates..... I'm feeling like our little blog is loosing its purpose. Originally we started it to share our building process with family and friends, then it was to obtain ideas and what we should and shouldn't do or things to look for when selecting our options and going through the process, then it turned into how we have decided to decorate and issues we've had along the way since owning our house.  While I have really enjoyed reading everyone's blogs I feel like the purpose of the blog is no longer valid nor really looked at anymore. It feels like many of the original bloggers have even left the blogging anyone still out there?  So I debate whether I should continue or just let it go (snif, snif).  I do enjoy it to be honest.  I like seeing the progression of our home and recalling the good and bad days or issues we overcame and seeing how far we've really come in the last two years, but it does take some time (which I feel very short of these days), and I feel like nothing really results from it we shall see......let me know if you'd like us to keep going.

So little updates.  My husband has been super busy.  He finished the garage...its all sparkly and pretty with new paint from ceiling to floor and its on its way to becoming really organized.  Unfortunately I didn't get a picture because we had the cars in there and he was also working on some things.....but maybe next time when its all done I'll get some pictures.

Probably the biggest project that was recently finished is our sidewalk and patio.......I was debating over the sidewalk a couple posts ago and I love what we came up with.  I completely went in a different direction than I was originally thinking only because I have a new idea that was much more cost effective and would work better than the plans we were previously debating and would still serve the purpose I was looking for.  I'm so happy with how everything turned out.  The guy who installed it for us did an amazing job!!  He did the patio and sidewalk as well as the landscaping at our last house, as well as the hardscaping at many of our friends and relatives homes.  He does really great work and has received many compliments from our neighbors.  So take a look at whats been done:

I love the little design he put in the sidewalk just before the are a couple close-ups:

Anyways we are very happy with both the sidewalk and the patio and looking forward to many years of enjoyment on them.
So we decided to wait and do the landscaping next year but my husband did take this opportunity to carve out some landscaping beds and he put top soil and mulch over them before winter gets here.  He also planted a redbud tree in our backyard and a japanese maple at the side of our house near the a little start I guess.

In other updates, my husband also painted our yesterday he painted we're still debating if we like it or not........and I think we are leaning towards we do.....just want to rip out the floor and add some finishing take a look:

The color is Sandy Shell by Valspar which ironically was the same color we had our bathroom at our last house but it looked much different.

So let us know what you think and hopefully we can keep blogging.