Thursday, July 26, 2012

So many updates and not enough time to blog

To say the least this summer has been flying by.  We have been CRAZY busy all summer between kid functions, updates, planning/preparing for events, travelling, and you name it we've probably been doing it!!   I have a bunch of  updates but just haven't had a minute to post about them until now.  So I'm happy to share with you some of the  things we've been working on.

Like all projects, it takes at least twice as long as you anticipate it will take to complete.  The shed is just this project.   My husband has done a wonderful job designing and building this shed and didn't cut any corners.....its beautiful!!  We've actually received many compliments on it from our neighbors and all have been very impressed with the craftsmanship.   So below are a couple of pictures of the shed as it stands today, but believe it or not its still not completely done.  My husband still has to build some shelves and  storage inside,  complete the finishing details, build and attach the flower boxes beneath the little windows, and of course add some landscaping but for the moment its cute and functional.  I am very excited that the shed will finally free up a little extra space in our garage!!


As of this week we finally got a new couch to somewhat complete our "little living room" as we call it, but its the formal living room located at the front of the  Ravenna Model.    So far I'm very happy with the look we are going for, I'm just very eager to get some paint on those walls!!!

My mother in law is also staying with us this week so  in the past couple weeks we have worked pretty hard to make the guest bedroom a little more comfortable and guest friendly.  I have to say its now one of my favorite rooms in our house.  It just makes me smile when I peak a little vacation I guess.  The pictures really don't do this room justice.  Again I can't wait to finally get some paint on the walls, and I still have some finishing touches I need to take care of (i.e. custom pillows for the bed and chair, paint the dresser etc.) but for the most part I am very happy with how it is turning out.

We  finally got some stools for the gourmet island as well as behind the bar like area separating the kitchen and the morning room.  I actually ordered them from when they were on sale for a ridiculously great price several months ago and LOVE them!!  They are very sturdy and have held up great to the daily abuse of three little kids as well as adults using them all the time.  Everyone has also commented about how surprisingly comfy they are and  I love how they store under the counter so we aren't always moving them or having to scoot around them.  I highly recommend them if you are searching for some stools for your new homes. (don't mind the mess in our kitchen--we had our twin sons birthday party last night and haven't   fully recovered yet).

So while the kids rooms have lacked a lot of imagination and fun until we can finally paint, I do have one picture of our son's room as my husband just  finished painting the dressers for their new room.  I'm so glad they finally have a place to put all their clothes instead of cramming them into one little dresser (the one thats now in the guest room) and the boys seem to be very happy with them as well.

When the t  wins were babies we had purchased  a nice solid wood dining set for our kitchen in our old house.  As new parents we definitely didn't anticipate the abuse this table would eventually endure.    Last summer we lived in a frat house after we sold our last home and our new home wasn't yet completed.   Literally the day we moved into our new home we considered leaving or throwing away this table as it was the most hideous, damaged, table you have every seen and we thought we would just buy a new one for our new house.  We decided to bring it with us to use until we bought the new table.  Boy am I glad we made that decision now.  I am so lucky and thankful my husband is so handy.  He decided to take a chance and see what he could do to refinish the table.   He thought the worst he could do was ruin it more which wasn't a big deal since we planned on buying a new one anyways......while he wasn't overly happy with the results I think he did a fabulous job and it looks beautiful......a table I'm now  very proud and happy to display in our home.  It looks nearly new and I think will give us many more years of use, or at least until our kids get through the destructive phase anyways! (It looks much better in the morning room---its currently in our dining room as we move our dining room table into the morning room when we have parties as it can seat 12-14 people versus the 6-8 our kitchen table usually seats).

Unfortunately we still haven't had a moment to get any landscaping done :-(   That was the one project I was really wanting to complete this year and now it doesn't look like we'll be able to get it done before the end of summer!! I'm  hoping there is still a small chance we can get something in the ground before winter.

A few posts ago I mentioned the terrible noise our siding was making on windy nights.  At our 10 month inspection we mentioned this and Ryan tightened up the siding a bit and I am happy to report the noise is gone!!!  So happy I can finally get some good nights of rest without it sounding like giant creatures coming through the wall behind our bed!!

Next week Ryan will be completing our 1 year drywall inspection.  I am overly excited about this so we can finally get some personality and colors on our walls!!  

Last week, Ryan mowed the lot behind our house which will be the back yard of the new house to be built on the corner.  Come to find out they are going to build a new model home on that lot.  I am actually very excited about this as it will have all the bells and whistles,  be a nicely landscaped lot, and provide some privacy from the road.   Just the other day they staked out the house and today they dropped off the  egress window supplies.   Shall be exciting to see  the developments in the upcoming weeks!!

Well  I continue to enjoy all your updates, pictures, and ideas.  Hopefully you all are having a great summer and enjoying your new homes.


  1. I love the shed! Can he build me one next?!? The dining room table is beautiful! I can't believe you almost threw it away!

  2. Sweet shed!! We built ours as well. Sure beats buying one!

  3. Your husband did an awesome job with the shed! Glad to hear the siding issue is fixed.

  4. Pleas, please tll me where you got those chairs in your living room- love them!!!

    1. Oddly enough I got them from I'm not usually a fan of buying furniture online or from some place other than a furniture store but they fit the budget, colors, and style we were looking for. Honestly we have been very happy with them and would highly recommend them. We don't use them all the time but they've held up nicely and are pretty comfy. Since we bought this house we have purchased quite a few items from and been very pleased. I don't expect them to last forever, but having little kids I don't want to spend a fortune on really nice things they will most likely ruin!