Monday, April 8, 2013

Some much needed R & R

Hello my blogging buddies.......can I just tell you this week I am much, much, MUCH more relaxed than in past months.....(yup...that was months I said, but honestly its probably been more like years).  You don't realize just how stressed out you get until you leave it all behind and then come home refreshed with a new vision of your life.

Last week I seriously thought my hair was going to fall out.  Besides the whole airport situation, my mother in law staying with us, work, and all the rest of the things that go along with our crazy schedule (dance, scouts, guitar lessons, life etc.), what I didn't tell you is I was also packing our family for a much needed vacation.  In addition I was also pre-preparing for Easter since we would be driving to Florida and arriving the night before Easter.  Since we were staying with my brother and didn't want him to stress or fuss too much I literally made Easter breakfast, dinner, and also a couple other dinners ahead of time, froze everything, packed it, drove it 20 hours, and finished preparing it at my brothers house.  So needless to say it was a ridiculously crazy week but all worth it when we were finally on vacation and no one needed to worry about cooking or grocery shopping etc......everyone had a break and it was AWESOME!!!

My favorite part of coming home from vacation is when you walk in the door to your house and you realize its not as cluttered, messy, hectic as you felt it was when you left it. When you are home and inside all the time the walls seem to close in on you and even the smallest of things feels like a mountain of mess or work.   In addition it was like seeing our house for the first time again and realizing all the things I loved about it and suddenly remembering the things I want to change that I had forgotten about as they got lost in our day to day living.  It even smelled new again......LOVE!!  One thing my husband and I both agreed on was we still love this house and sometimes we have to take a step back before moving forward when it comes to projects and getting things done.  I'm finally seeing the bigger picture and not just focusing in on all the little stuff that has been bugging me.  I'm much more motivated to get some things done now when before it was just a giant to-do list that never seemed to get accomplished.......we were just so tired and worn out......vacation certainly does the body mind and soul a lot of good!!  Not to mention a 20 hour car ride allows you LOTS of time to think and clear your mind!!!

So here we are a new week, a new prospective on everything, and lots of motivation to pump out some projects and grow some new ideas for the future!!  I hope you all had a wonderful Easter and week off if you had Spring break last week.  We did a lot of fun things on our vacation; went to the Marine science museum, touched stingrays, went to the zoo, toured the Daytona Speedway, celebrated my 36th birthday, but our favorite was just hanging out on the beaches, building sand castles, making sand angels (sand was everywhere by the time we were done), collecting shells, and riding the waves (sigh!) I'll leave you with a couple of pictures from our trip in hopes it will give you a moment of relaxation dreaming of those beautiful waves:

                                      Nothing feels better than the soft beach sand on your feet!!
                                                                ahhhhh smell that sea air....
                                                      one of  my favorite places in the world!!

Hope you are all relaxed now and you didn't even have to drive 20 hours to get there!!  Take care until next post.... :-)

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  1. I am with you, a real beachbum, I love it, never get enough of it, we go to the Riviera Maya every year and leave within a month...cant wait...glad you enjoyed your vaca