Friday, June 24, 2011

Roof, Plumbing and Ductwork

The roof is on and the garage door is in as well. We snuck inside and saw that the ducts and plumbing were done. The tubs have been installed as well. Hard to believe just over a week ago we were looking at nothing but a basement and now stands a whole house!! They move unbelievably fast!! We were a bit surprised at how sturdy and heavy the garage door is. I guess we were just half expecting something a little less this is a nice surprise. In addition they put up a bunch of large trees at the back of our lot. I don 't know how we got so lucky to get them but it seems to be the talk of the neighborhood and we're glad to be the beneficiary of them. So tonight we attended a "block party" in our neighborhood. What a fantastic time we all had!! This only makes us want to move in all the quicker. Lots of kids around the same ages as our kids and all the neighbors were so incredibly nice.....I think we really lucked out in the neighbor department! Looking forward to seeing them all again soon!!
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  1. You get to go to a block party, and your house isn't even done yet? That's awesome. Really glad you've got great neighbors, and large trees! I wonder how I get those for MY house?

  2. Wow free trees and a block party! Nice!They do move quick...I'm going to post one weeks progress! Ryan gets the job done!

  3. Wow...the house is looking great and I see a couple of the Ryan Homes eFamily have found guys have definitely been flying under the radar and sneaking around with your blog...just kidding...don't be shy...join the blogging fun...believe it or not there are about 60 Ryan Homes blogs

  4. I like the dark color of the roof because it would be easy to find a color that will match it. For example, dark colors are best combined with lighter shades, such as grey, white or cream. Plus, the color won’t fade easily even with extreme exposure to sunlight.
    -Francisco Close

  5. It’s so surreal to see your dream house be built so fast before your eyes. It’s great that your contractors worked fast too! I am sure that you are enjoying your new home now.

    Eulalia Symonds