Thursday, July 7, 2011

Let there be lights and walls!

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So  it seems a lot has happened since our last post.  Electric is in and ON!!  Yes we have lights now ....well in the basement anyways.  All the wiring is done in the rest of the house but the fixtures obviously have not yet been installed.  The plumbing is in, the furnace has been installed and the egress window has also been installed.  We had our pre-drywall meeting on Tuesday.  Everything seemed to go very well.  We had a couple concerns but they appear to have been taken care of or are being looked into.  We had asked for the access panel that goes into the space above the garage to be dry walled over since visually we felt the access would be an eye sore in the master bedroom, and most likely we wouldn't want access to the space above the garage anyways (if we do we'll install the pull down stairs in the garage like we did in our last house).  Literally as we were standing there they drilled in some safety brackets, insulated it and it was ready for drywall.  I guess ask and we shall receive right! Our PM also gave us our 10 day closing date window......August 10th-20th.....woooo hooo!!  We are so hoping sooner than later as we need to be out of our rental home by August 19th.  Our PM said he thought it would be the sooner time frame but he didn't want to give us false hope at this stage of the game.  He said early next week though he could give us a time frame within a 3 day window of the expected closing date.  The drywall was delivered Tuesday afternoon.  I thought I'd take a chance and see what was going on today and they were putting up the drywall.  I think I surprised them with my visit but it was nothing short of amazing to see them work!!  They are so fast and focused with a clear system as to how they install everything.  My mom had also just stopped by the house literally moments ago and said they were still there working as of 7:45pm!!  I'm hoping thats a sign they were trying to finish it all up tonight.  The Pm put a lock on our door and said our days of being able to pop in are getting limited.....yikes.....I was enjoying my freedom to come and go as I please!  We still continue to meet neighbors in the neighborhood and are so excited that everyone is so nice and we seem to have a lot in common with them.  It is definitely making moving just that much more exciting for us.  Well I'm sure we'll have more pictures soon as this race to the finish is underway.  Only one more month to go!!  :-)

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  1. Yeah to the new neighbors. We are having the same experience which like you says makes it exciting. After you are locked out, don't forget to find a window you can climb in thru and make sure that the window is magically unlocked :)