Friday, July 8, 2011

No Need to Worry....we are now locked in!!

So with all this chatter lately about raising the country's debt ceiling its made me a bit nervous about our mortgage rate.  The more the discussions continue and the closer we get to August the more I have been worrying about how this all will impact our rate in the end, especially if we wait until the last minute and things don't turn out well with the government's decisions.  So I thought why wait.....lets just put this whole worrying thing to today I made the call to our loan officer and made it a done deal.  Honestly, these days anything under 5% really isn't that bad and everything has been hovering between 4.6% and 5% these last few months we just took the deal and locked in at 4.875%.....ahhhhhh....feeling so much better now that we don't have to worry about that anymore!

I think we failed to mention in our last post that like many of you we too were affected by the siding changes Ryan has made.  A week or so ago we had to go re-select new siding.  Basically they just showed us the comparable new siding to what we had originally picked. We went with the same color as selecting a new color didn't seem to be an option and we liked what we originally picked anyways.....well so we think from the 1 inch swatch they showed us.  It will be nice (we hope) to see what the whole house will actually look like....yikes!

Something else we noticed that I wondered if any of you by chance also had happen.  In one of our housing spec sheets it shows we were to have a double sink in the kitchen, which is what we believe we were told we would have as well, now it is crossed out and written over it is "single" bowl sink in the kitchen.  I guess when it comes down to it a sink is a sink and I'm not sure I'll care double or single bowl, but we've always had a double bowl sink in the kitchen since I was a kid as well as since I've lived on my own so it will be an interresting change if it truly ends up being a single bowl. Have any of you had that happen or like/dislike one over the other?

Hopefully we'll have some more pictures for you this weekend......if we haven't been locked out that is!! Getting so excited as I day dream about being in my new house in about a month.  Guess I need to get on the ball with my decorating plans.......been in such a debate over new furniture and paint colors and curtains etc....seems like what I really want won't be kid friendly which is our life right now so it creates a bit of a challenge!!  We would love a new living room set, family room set, and kitchen table/chairs in the morning room, plus I'd like a headboard for the guest bedroom and my daughters bedroom etc.......but for now guess I'll just keep day dreaming!


  1. Congrats on locking in your rate. I am sure that is a huge relief. As for the sink we have not seen a change. Ours is supposed to be more like a bowl and a half. While I am partial to a double bowl, my wife would like 1 very wide very deep bowl. Will keep an eye on that though. Seems like they are changing a lot of suppliers in the last month or so. We have had siding change, fireplace stone change, and brick change...not sure there is anything else left to change.

  2. Woooo-saaaah! You can finally breathe easy! I cannot wait until next week when we lock in our rate. We wanted to lock in on Friday as well, because the rates were really really good! 4.5 with -1.25 points or 4.35 with .25 points! Unfortunately, although we are ahead of schedule now, just so we don't take any changes for something to go wrong we will be locking in next week! I will be so excited when we complete the rat lock! Congrats again!

    Also as far as the sink, that is a really good question, I have no idea what time of sink we are getting, but I was really hoping for a double deep bowl! I am going to check this out. I have been curious for awhile, but it was at the bottom of my list of questions to ask my PM. I am going to check on our specs to see if I can tell.