Friday, July 22, 2011

The inside is not PINK!

We have been so worried about the siding we haven't posted what they have done inside! I got inside a few days ago when the trim workers were there and was very suprised about all of the inside progress. The cabinets, counter tops and floors were all done in the Kitchen and bathrooms. The railing are up and the doors are hung! The mirrors are up and so are the light fixtures. I really like our chandelier. I thought I wouldnt like the brushed nickle finish on the fixtures but it looks really nice. I LOVE the Railings! So glad we upgraded them from knee walls. Very happy they didn't have to make the soffit go all the way through the family room. It makes it look so nice and big (the nine foot ceilings help!)

Our PM is on Vacation this week so we are dealing with our sales rep for the siding issue. Let me just tell you she is great! It seems like she is realy going out of her way to make us satisfied with our siding. We are making good progress and we'll have an update when we feel it has been resolved.
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  1. It looks great. So glad to hear that you are making positive progress on the siding issue.

  2. Sooo you were holding out on us...smh! lol

    It looks great! I love how everything looks so far. This is the model we really wanted when we were going to stay in Virginia, but when we decided to move to Maryland they didnt have this model. :( I love my new house but this was my first love. :) I think we chose the same color countertops! Is that Jamocha granite? Nice!

    I am glad to hear that your Sales Rep has stepped up! :) I really hope they can resolve the siding issue.

  3. Yay for progress and good sales reps!! =) Everything is beautiful! YOU HAVE KNOBS!!! That's one thing we have to go get...knobs! lol