Monday, July 25, 2011


So we took a drive by the new house yesterday and couldn't resist the urge to see if we could get in.  Half expecting to have to hoist one of us through the window we took a chance at the front door and surprisingly it was unlocked....yay for us!!

I just can't stop admiring the progress.........most of our excitement comes from the kitchen.  In our last house the kitchen was adaquate for a family with no kids and just starting out in life....but for a busy family it was extremely un-user friendly, had very little cabinet and counter space, and in general was pretty much the one and only thing we hated about our old house......but those days are soon to be forgotten as we are eagerly awaiting to move into the heaven of thus all our excitement and love over our new  kitchen space!!

Our awesome kitchen!  Its huge......I'm already day dreaming of hosting parties and making Christmas cookies where I can spread them all out to be frosted and decorated....and most of all the storage space!!   Our old house had three drawers total all placed inconveniently in the kitchen.  Now we have at least 11 Full sized drawers (I think it may even be 15.....I lost count after 3...ha!)!!!!!  We also love how the cabinet color compliments the butter rum granite counter tops. When we noticed we were to have a single bowl sink in the kitchen we were a bit nervous as I envisioned a very shallow small sink....however to my surprise I think it will work great!!  Its much deeper and bigger than we had anticipated.  Our other major love is the crown molding on the cabinets.  It just gives it that polished finished look.....something we almost overlooked but we are so glad we sprung the extra cost for!!!

In our old house we changed out all our light fixtures for the oil rubbed bronze/black look.  We were so nervous we wouldn't like the brushed nickle and it wouldn't work with our decor but its actually really nice and a bit refreshing.  I'm so glad we went with the upgraded light package as we got a nicer chandelier.....which to my surprise I LOVE!  The other thing I'm glad we added as well was 3 pendant lights over our gourmet island (I'm sure we'll have pictures of those when they are installed in the future).  So far to our surprise all the lighting looks great!!

First floor powder room.  Love that little window and oval mirror.  In so many new builds you usually get that dreaded square piece of mirror....the oval one just gives it a bit more home feel and less institutional, cheap, builder feel.....another plus in my book!!  We can at least live with it for a while without that nagging feeling of "I can't wait to re-do/change the bathroom".

So looking forward to having the double bowls in our husband and I will no longer need to take turns in front of the sink/mirror to finish our morning routines.  One thing we will be changing right away is the shower curtain rod.  In our old house we had a one of those curved shower rods that made our tub feel much bigger so we'll be getting one of those again.  When we were picking out our options for the Master bath I hemmed and hawed over getting the upgrade with the garden tub.  Not because I wanted the tub but because I really wanted the window in our bathroom.   Then it was brought to my attention that in all the models we went through none had a window in the bath and it didn't bother me.  I'm guessing because the lights above the shower bring in so much light it feels like you have a window in the bathroom.  Love it!! 

I love our new entry......specifically I love the molding detail above it!  Eventually the door will be painted black to match the shutters.
So one of you had mentioned how good for the soul it has been to sit in the morning room while drinking your morning coffee and that has brought such a wonderful image to me.....keeps me dreaming!!  I so LOVE the morning room!!  I love light and windows so this is probably as close to a sun room as I'll be able to get.  However, the best part of the morning room is it will be a lovely place for all of our family meals and it is out of the way so we won't be tripping over our kitchen table all the time to get to the living room or crowding up the flow of traffic into the other parts of the house when we have has a designated spot right out of the way yet still accessible to see TV, the kitchen, have conversations etc. while preparing for big family parties or events......entertaining is going to be 1000 times better in this house.....I CAN'T WAIT!! 

 DING DONG!! So there is my very handsome husband testing out the doorbell and to our surprise it fun to discover new things working in the house!! maybe its a bit strange but I love our stairs.....I love the railings (so glad we upgraded those!!...if you're debating it just do worth the money!).

Seriously....can you believe this house!!  I don't know what it was yesterday but for the first time it really hit me that this is ours...its all the things we said we wanted if we ever moved from our old house and we got it and more!!  I just can't get over the space.....its way more than we ever could have wished for.  Our last house was 1500 square feet and really our only gripe was with the kitchen and how far away we lived from family, friends, and our work (roughly 80-100 miles round trip).  We always said just a little more space would be nice, basically all we wanted was a 4th bedroom and maybe a little more space in the kitchen and living room......who knew we would move to a place that the 1st floor alone is the size of our entire last house.....its just beyond belief and we both feel so extremely blessed that this is all happening for us.  Its just way more than we ever could have imagined!!  

Well I hope all of your housing journeys are continuing to go well.  I'm starting to pack our rental house up in anticipation of moving for a second time in the last 3 months......can't believe in about 3 weeks we'll be in our new home!!  AMAZING!!  We'll continue to keep you all posted of our progress and I'm sure we'll have a siding update for you all soon as well.  It has been positively and I feel fairly resolved but we don't want to go into further details until it is actually resolved and everything has been handled.
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  1. Your front door molding is fabulous! I really love the way it looks. The kitchen and everything else is coming along beautifully! Can't wait to see the next phase! ;)

  2. Love the house. Its so cool - in just a couple weeks we will be right there with you in our new ravenna! My house now is 1050 sq. feet, and while I can deal with everything else, the kitchen is terrible. we both can't be there at the same time. You can't open the fridge and the dishwasher at the same time. Or the bathroom door and the fridge. I can't WAIT for that big old ravenna kitchen!!