Thursday, August 18, 2011

Counting the minutes!

Jingle, jingle I hear keys!!  Literally we are down to hours until we are new home owners again!!!  Our pre-settlement meeting went very well and just made us even more excited to move into our new house.  Every time they pulled out the envelope containing our house keys my husband and I just instantly got huge grins on our faces.... It was like the magic golden envelope......It's just so amazing!!!  Our realtor and my father in law both attended the walk through at the house and both were extremely impressed with the workmanship, quality,  and service that comes with a ryan home.  We did have some minor things that still need to be attended to but overall everything went very well.  Lucky for you we've got a lot going on today so I don't have time to write much.  Looking forward to having some post closing pictures for you soon.......just can't wait to finally get moved in and  somewhat unpacked and settled!!

We'll write more soon!! 



    You'll have those keys in hand soon enough! Very exciting! So happy for you!

    Can't wait for those post-closing pics!

  2. What a shame your not excited! ;)

    Hope the move goes smooth for you guys and CONGRATULATIONS!!! Enjoy making your house a home!!


  3. Congratulations! Looking forward to the pictures!

  4. exciting...can't wait to see the finished pictures!!!