Saturday, August 6, 2011

Ta Da!

So here's the happy couple now that our siding has been changed!  Actually this week my husband and I celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary.  Most people plan some romantic evening out and, well we've been so stressed between balancing our complicated work schedules, building a house, living in a short term rental (aka the Frat House....its student housing!), and raising 3 toddlers that we've been lucky to even see each other let alone plan a romantic anything.  So our perfect plan to celebrate the precious event......go check out our new house!!  Ha!
Actually, we did make some plans....we went to Home Depot and bought 2 hunter ceiling fans and the pendant lights for above the gourmet island......I know we are so pathetic!!  But that was our idea of fun....dreaming of plans for the new house without having 3 little ones screaming and making a scene in the store.  Those of you with little ones I know can appreciate this!!  We did however, also have a VERY nice dinner at a restaurant we've never been to before so we did make our evening a little more special than I've made it sound to be......its just funny to me that everything in our life right now seems to revolve around our new house....which we are, as you can tell, very excited about!!
Lets for the week......well......
OUR NEW SIDING IS DONE!! So looking at this picture compared to the picture with the "pink" siding you probably can't see any difference.....but let me just say there is a big difference.  There is NO pink!!  Many of our neighbors have commented how much nicer it looks and how they like it.  The most important though is us and, WE LOVE IT!!  So glad we made the change.......I don't feel angry or sick when I see our house now......I feel calm and happy!! Its made a world of difference and this truly is a more accurate representation of the color we originally selected prior to the supplier change.  Our PM said the bottom shutters will be added next week as the brackets broke when they removed them for the new siding job....otherwise everything looks fantastic and we are sooooo happy!!
What else.....on our Anniversary visit we met the cleaning lady who cleans our house prior to us moving in.  She was very nice and gave us some insight on what she does and if she notices anything in her work she automatically reports it to our PM so it is taken care of prior to move in.  This was also the first time we were able to see our floors without the protective paper covering on it and we are really happy with the result.  Everything compliments each other very well.  The only room we don't really love the floor in is our master has kind of a yellow and pink cast to it but I think its partially a combination of the lighting and lack of color and decoration.  I think once we add our own touches, shower curtain, towels etc. it will take away that yellow cast we see.  For the most part everything looks pretty much ready for move in....needs a little cleaning and the outside needs some finishing work but otherwise it looks GREAT!!  SO excited.....
Our PM said he will have the C of O probably on Wednesday, but he has some finishing work to do that was pushed back due to the new siding so our closing has been pushed back to August 18th......which is seriously just in the nick of time as we need to be out of our rental by the 19th!!  AHhhhhh Streessss!!  It will all work out though.  We also went and bought our mailbox this week.....ohhhh I know so exciting but actually its been a lot of fun to go out and pick things to make the house all our own. Next on the list is some window treatments, and new furniture......I'm sure that is going to take a little time though.  I need some time to really decide what I want and what colors I want and what will work well with 3 little kids abusing it...ha!  So, below I've posted some pictures taken this week.  Can't wait until I can post the pictures taken when its finally ours......its so close....I can't wait!!

....more to come soon!!


  1. LOOKS GREAT! I always wondered...did you sneak in to take these pics or did you have to check with Ryan homes first?

  2. The cleaning lady was there so she let us in to take the pictures. Usually though we have to stop by the model home and ask to be let in.

  3. Everything looks great! =D

    Happy Anniversary!! We've spent a few like that (with the kiddos). I totally understand how it is (I have 3 kids too). And yes, building this house takes up a LOT of your time and energy. But it's suppose too. It's good ya'll are so excited about it! =)

    You're gonna love the fans! ;)

    I'm so happy the siding worked out and that everything is set for closing. Your house really does look great!

  4. The siding looks great! I know it feels sooo good to have peace when you pull up to your brand new home! I am so happy for you both! Congrats on the anniversary and everything looks great! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Congrats on getting the siding changed and so happy for you. It all looks fantastic!!! Congrats on the anniversary and yes we know exactly how it feels. We are soooo looking forward to getting into our new home and finding some time to just enjoy each other. We have been empty nesters since 2006 and have yet to actually take the time for ourselves to kick back and enjoy it.

  6. What is your new siding color called? We chose our siding this past weekend and chose Autumn Beige. I'm worried that it will look pink as your first siding did. Your house looks great!

  7. Rachel-Our new siding was called sandy tan. Autumn Beige was the pinkish tan color we picked first. Hopefully you can change it if you want too! They are not offering the Autumn beige in our neighborhood anymore.

  8. Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. We are contingent, so we have time to make changes. I'm so glad that I had read your blog. DH went to our neighborhood because we knew there was a house there with the Autumn Beige and I was worried about the pink hue. Sure enough, the pic that he took looks a little pink. Needless to say, we will be changing our siding!

  9. I didn’t see your home with the pink siding, but simply imagining it is enough to convince me that your home certainly looks much better with your new sidings. Plus, I think the present shade complements your roof better. How is it now after almost two years? Even if it’s still a bit early, it’ll be good if you’d make a habit of inspecting your roof, gutters, and sidings for possible damage, so you can prevent any problem from worsening. By the way, I saw your latest posts, and I am in love with your bathroom projects! Your home seems full of love and life now, compared to the photos here. - Aubrey Mullins