Thursday, November 3, 2011

Almost MIA--but I'm back--With Pictures!!

I can't believe its been 77 days since we moved in!!  Time has just flown by so fast.  Looking back now, so much has happened yet so little has happened since we've moved in.  I'd say we are pretty well unpacked. Still  finding things here and there  and deciding  where I want to put things but for the most part I'd say we are are nearly settled.  On the other hand, by now I figured we would have had so much more done in terms of decorating our new home.  Paint colors are picked but to date we haven't painted a single room!!  I also envisioned getting  new furniture for our living rooms and  bedrooms, and the kids play room, new kitchen table etc.....but it hasn't been until recently that I've started to finally pick out some new things.    After we initially moved in literally we were working husband got all the ceiling fans installed, all the lights put in, the garage door opener installed, all our electronics up and running,  all our window treatments (2" wood blinds on every window in the house),  curtains in the living room, morning room, my daughters room and master bedroom, bathrooms settled with new towels and shower curtains, we got our driveway paved,  epoxied the garage floor, swing set built......just a lot of stuff....but then life came back into play and we've just settled I guess into the busyness of our lives that we've kind of stalled on house projects.  There is still so much we want to do yet!!

One thing I can say for the last 77 days is WE LOVE OUR HOUSE!!  It hasn't come without a few bumps here and there but Ryan has been on top of all of them and without any hesitation or argument.  They have really been fantastic  and  remained true to their word in terms of service and follow up. We have been so happy here.  Our twins started kindergarten last month which has been a been a big change for us.  They love school and we love being so close to everything.  No more having to take a half day vacation just to go to a parent teacher conference, or school open house or sports event.    They have also begun playing Hockey which has been a blast.  My daughter, on the other hand, has  been going to what we call "ballerina School", which is just in normal terms dance class and she loves it.  My parents frequently visit us along with many of our friends.  Sometimes my parents will come over just to read the kids a bed time story or  to see them on the bus.  All of these things were never an  option before due to our distance issue........moving  has really been such a blessing for us and given us such a better, happier, more fun life and we are loving it!!

We hosted our first party on Halloween and it was so much nicer in this house and we all had a blast trick or treating in the neighborhood.  I LOVE our neighbors and neighborhood.......we so lucked out.  They are such an active community.  They've been hosting parties, and doing wine walks, and our kids play together......its just a fantastic group of people!!   Last week two lots over from us sold and  my husband met them while they were putting up their sold sign.  They have a daughter about the same age as mine so we are really looking forward to welcoming them to the neighbor hood this winter.

What else......can I just say I've loved continuing to read your blogs.  I've gotten so many great ideas of where to get things, and  tips.  Its really been great and very helpful.  I'm hoping we'll all continue to share as we discover new things about our homes and continue to decorate them.  I FINALLY HAVE PICTURES!!   I keep taking them and then never post them and then something changes so I take more.  Well today I decided I'm just going to take a new batch and finally  post them like I've been here they are!!
  Here is our color selections..... 
 Living room
 Living room again.....
  I LOVE my kitchen!!
 still need some stools  for our island and bar area.....
 OK...I really obsess over my kitchen!!
 My daughter's room...will have to post the twins and guest bedrooms later when they are a bit more decorated.
 Kids bathroom
 Master bathroom
 Master bedroom
 Master bedroom again....
 Living room....AGAIN!!
 Guess what...another kitchen picture..... still love it!!
 dining  room....this was a bit tricky to photograph......
 powder room
 mud area and powder room
AND another picture of our paint colors on  a pillow that has been a  bit instrumental in our color selections.

well I guess that's it for now.  My daughter and I need to do some shopping so we can add a little more excitement  to our house.       Hopefully I'll have some new news soon!!


  1. thanks for the update.
    We are building a Ravenna right now and it's great to see other similar floor plans built.
    You guys have accomplished alot! I got tired reading what you have done to date. My wife is going to wear me out...I just know it!
    Your kitchen looks great. Was the pendant lighting over the island an option or did you guys it when you moved in?

  2. Everything looks great! =D Love your living room furniture and all your colors! Very nice!

  3. sgt. Rich- Good luck with your Ravenna. We couldn't be happier with ours. Love the floor plan, space, its really been wonderful. We almost built a different model (Verona) but I'm so glad things worked out the way they did as I don't think we would have been as happy as we are in the Ravenna. As for the pendant lighting--we asked the electrician to put in the wiring and we put in the lights ourselves after we moved in (we installed a lot of the lighting and ceiling fans ourselves to save money--Ryan did the electric and we bought and installed the lights/fans). It wasn't really an option Ryan told us about. We specifically asked about having the wiring done after we saw the pendants in a new Ravenna model home they had just built around the same time we were in the process of building ours. So if its something you want be sure to ask them to put them in. Good luck!

    Thanks Noey! Can you believe we've had that furniture for almost 10 years!! I was hoping for something new to go with our new home but with everything else going on we haven't really had the time to look for something new. Plus with having little kids in the house we thought perhaps it would be best to hold onto the furniture a little longer or atleast until they are out of the destructive phase!! But honestly I would get the same set again in a heartbeat!!

    I'll try to keep posting new things...we are working on getting new furniture for the front living room..... book shelves have already come in and today I'm expecting 2 new chairs, a coffee table, and end table....once I decide on a new couch and some curtains then I'll be ready to post some more pictures.

  4. Looks great! Thanks for sharing. We still have our college furniture and it just looks AWFUL against the beautiful wood floors. :( Working on new stuff, slowly, and will post pics when we get it. I'm also drowning in paint samples. There are SO MANY rooms to paint! Don't know where to start! You've made great progress and your house looks wonderful.

  5. You house looks awesome and I love your paint color choices. I cant' wait to see it on the wall. Thanks for sharing and allowing us to see your home.

  6. Beautiful! We are also building the Ravenna and it's so fun to see one finished and know everyone is happy. Congratulations!

  7. I like what yoyuhave done so far. I thought I would have more done with our house by now, but geesh there always seems like so much to do...and the cleaning takes forever! lol...but i love your house. Thanks for sharing photo's. I hope to put some more pics up soon. I just would like to do a few more things and then I can post. Thanks for sharing, and hope you and yours enjoys your holiday season in your beautiful new home.

  8. I know the feeling about going MIA. This is the first time I have spent any significant time looking at the blogs in two months. Everything looks fantastic and when you take the time to list out all you have accomplished it is a pretty long list, especially with young kids. It is fantastic having family close by. It will mean so much to your kids having their grandparents close by to participate in their daily lives. You have a long time to get things done but trust me, based on experience, take time to get things like painting done...schedule a weekend here or there to do it...steady slow progress will get things done quicker then you think and the LIST won't seem so overwhelming.

  9. You are a talented decorator! And I love your proposed color scheme. We are supposed to break ground in June so it's nice getting your experiences... we have learned so much from these blogs! Thanks for sharing.

  10. You are doing a wonderful job. Happy House Decorating