Saturday, March 3, 2012

Things that go bump in the night...

So I'm pretty sure we all can agree the weather has been pretty crazy this year, and last night was no exception.  We had horrible wind with wind advisories throughout last night and today.  Well it was so bad I thought our siding was blowing off the house.  We've noticed since we've moved into this house that the siding, particularly,  the area on one wall of our bedroom is quite noisy.  On nice days it creaks, squawks, and moans, and on these really windy nights it sounds like its flapping in the wind, blowing off our house, and like there is some giant creature chewing the inside of our walls.  Last night it was so loud that I hardly got any sleep.  At one point I was so frustrated I almost got up and video taped the episode, and was ready to put in a service call in the middle of the night.  I know new houses settle and we've been attributing these noises to just that...but seriously of all rooms it has to be so obnoxious in our bedroom!  So I'm curious if we just have abnormally loud siding, if there is an actual problem and if anyone else is finding they are experiencing these noises as well?

Another frequent noise disturbance we're noticing is all of our bathroom exhaust fans seem to clang and sound like a vent is opening and slamming closed...again especially when it is windy.  So all night, in addition to the freakishly loud siding, I'm hearing this opening and slamming closed vent noise coming from our master bath....UGH...I NEED SOME SLEEP!!

I am by no means a light sleeper - I  actually can 't go to sleep unless I have some sort of noise in the room  to begin with, like a radio or TV or something, so for this siding noise to disturb me as much as it is, it must be loud!

I hope you all are ok and your homes still safe through all this awful weather this year, and especially the last day or two.  If anyone has any odd siding or vent noises they are hearing I'd be interested to know so I can decide if this is just normal settling or if perhaps I should be making a service call to have it looked at.


  1. We have the same issue with the exhaust fans flapping, but the biggest deal for us is that we keep losing shingles.

  2. The thing to remember about siding. It is nailed on but because of the expanding and contracting they don't nail it down tight to allow for some movement. this is a good thing for the summer time however a horrable thing during windy days and nights. Hope this at least help you understand why there is so much noise. They only remedy is for them to come out and rive the nails in a little further so they don't move as much, but then you risk them no moving right when they get hot during the day and cool at night time.

  3. Our downstairs powder room shares a wall with the outside of the house. When the wind blows like crazy outside, our vent in the bathroom rattles badly.

  4. It has been very windy here as well and I am experiencing some of the same noises. I haven't slept good either!!! If I am downstairs it sounds like someone is walking around upstairs, or if I am upstairs it sounds like someone is breaking in downstairs! I can't stand it! I am a heavy sleeper, I even talk in my sleep and have no clue, but I have been woken up about every 2 hours each night with my heart pounding!!!

  5. Hi. I am experiencing the same thing that you went through last year. I have to tell you NO, Ryan Homes has not removed the pink palace color aka Autumn Beige from the color choices for the siding. I am trying to understand why your sales rep said that the color would no longer be offered. I wonder if he/she was doing what salesmen/saleswomen do or if he/she genuinely thought the color would be removed. Ryan’s option is for me to split the cost of the removal and replacement for the siding. This is unacceptable to me because you brought the siding issue to their attention last summer 2011 and now I am living your nightmare in March 2012. Your blog has helped others by forewarning them of this disaster and allowed them the option to change their color. I only wish that I had found your blog earlier. I am hopeful that in the near future I will be able to post good news that Ryan has resolved this issue to my liking so that I may have my happy ending. It is unfortunate that we must go through these trials when we are willing to spend this amount of money to purchase our dream home. Thank you so much for getting the word out!

  6. We have the same issue! Our warranty guy thinks we're crazy. We had the siding company out twice, but it seems to less now that the weather is a little warmer. The last time the siding guys came out, they added something behind the siding at the top of the house on both sides to act as a buffer. So far aso good! Not sure if that fixed it, or it's just the warmer weather though.

    As for the fan vents, unfortunately that ones perfectly normal (albeit annoying). not sure if there is a "fix" for that.