Thursday, February 28, 2013

Jumping In

So yesterday I announced that my husband has accepted the office make-over challenge that I proposed to him.  Today he was already visiting various hardware and big box stores looking at supplies and trying to decide how he was going to approach the cabinets...make them himself, or buy them pre-made but unfinished and then make them our own......I'm pretty sure after his travels today he has decided to make them himself.
Later this afternoon I caught him measuring and drawing and now that he has left for the car show with the kids I thought I would take a peak at what he was up to and this is what I found:

So looks like he's already started his rough layout/measurement/supply plan which is a good sign that he is into making this project into a quick work in progress.  I on the other hand have been thinking about colors, and what type of seating I want, tables, window treatments, lighting etc......all the fun stuff that gets me excited!!  So glad we're finally moving forward with a new project...

So I love to give you all some mystery clues as to what projects we have in store and unfortunately I couldn't make it to where I needed to go today, but I do have a clue for one of my next projects I hope to get working on here is the clue:
Any ideas as to the project and what do you think about the colors/pattern?

I will also tell you that I spent quite a bit of time in our guest room today coordinating fabrics for those pillows that I still want to make for the bed and chair......I think I finally figured out what I'm going to do but need a short consult with my mom (the master sewer and quilter) to see how I should go about doing what I want to do.   Hopefully I'll finally be getting that project on the way as well.

I LOVE FINALLY GETTING BACK INTO THE PROJECT GROOVE AGAIN!!! :-)  I just hope the trend keeps going and we don't repeat another little lull.  So keep inspiring us with your projects and we'll keep you posted with ours.......

Until soon again my friends......happy decorating!!


  1. Those look great (on paper, at least - I'm sure they'll look even better in real life)! I just happened upon another blog today that I follow that talked about these type of built-ins, and I thought I would send you the link (more inspiration!) The blog is Thrifty Decor Chick, and if you haven't checked it out before, I would totally recommend it. I only wish my house could look like hers! She has some great DIY projects. I'm excited to see your shelves come together! And the fabric - gorgeous! Drapes perhaps?

    1. Thanks so much for the website....I have actually already stumbled across her website and her cabinets were one of the inspirations I posted yesterday....LOVE THEM!! I agree her site is excellent as she has a lot of great ideas and has done a lot with her home. Thanks so much for the thought though....I love when everyone shares little bits of inspiration and great resources!!

  2. Uhh 0hh!! We are on to something big here!!

    Jennel,please turn the word verification makes bloggers decipher this weird word pattern before we can leave a comment. Ugghh Thank you

    1. Thank you for letting me know about the word verification...I either didn't pay attention to it and missed it or didn't know it was on!! Its so annoying too those weird word things!! My hubby has spent most of the day today pricing and designing....getting a little further each day I hope!!

  3. Looks like a good plan so far!

  4. I did built ins for the office and still need to caulk and repaint, but they are wonderful!

    Looks like your husband has a lovely plan going.I'm on to the front room and master bedroom now. Plus the half wall in the upstairs hall may turn into shelving as well.