Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Back to Square One

so a few days ago I gave you all a mystery clue for one of my upcoming projects.....unfortunately I'm disappointed that it won't work out after all :-( Initially I got that fabric swatch thinking I would use the fabric to reapholster my grandmothers old wingback chair that I plan on putting in our bedroom some day, but the colors didn't quite work the way I wanted.  They did, however, work awesome in our morning room and I thought they would make excellent valances to replace the existing ones I have now (which I really don't like), and recover the toss pillows in the living room (which I also don't like anymore).  However, now I can't find the fabric online and in store it would cost me a giant fortune to buy the amount of fabric I really needed so I guess I am out of luck with that project.  Probably a good thing as I've been checking out some different possibilities.

Here is my dilemma with the morning room....I love having valances on the windows but I have drapes on the sliding glass door for privacy and I think it looks out of proportion.  Should I forgo having privacy and just continue the valance over the sliding glass as well or should I get rid of the valances and just do drapes on each side of the door and sections of windows?  What have you all been doing with your morning room windows and sliding doors?  Its just one of those projects I can see all sorts of ways and haven't found the exact one that I LOVE!!

SO while I'm asking questions.......I've been seeing blogs about the tile that looks like hardwood floors.  Have you seen this stuff?  I saw it a few months ago in one of the big box stores and didn't care much for it, but that was just looking at a pile of tile....I've been seeing pictures of rooms done with this tile and it looks amazing when its done.  People have been putting it everywhere in their homes; bedrooms, laundry rooms, living rooms,dining rooms, kitchens, entrys and honestly from their pictures it looks like hardwood floors.  So I looked into the reviews of this tile and its been getting excellent reviews as well.  So now I'm considering putting it in our master bathroom so it would look like hardwoods but have the durability of tile.  Have any of you seen this or have any thoughts about it??

Well hopefully I'll have more to blog about soon. I've got a paint swatch next to me that is strongly suggesting I run to the paint store now to get it and start painting!!!

I'll be eagerly waiting to see/read your morning room curtain tips and hardwood tile thoughts!!


  1. I'm in love with the hardwood tile! I really wanted to put it in our master bath too but we selected the tile through RH for the floor and the upgraded master shower, I wish they had more modern choices like that :( But, I got the cheapy floors in the guest bath and was thinking of doing it in there, they have some beautiful options! I love the kind that looks like light grey weathered birch, we have esspresso cabinets so it would be a nice contrast!

    here's a link just to show you, it looks just lke real wood!

  2. Sorry, your project did not work out with your current choice of fabric; but I would not GIVE UP! You may want to consider just doing the chair (family heirlooms are priceless) or continue searching for a similar fabric.

    I am partial when it comes to the window treatments in the morning room. I like the idea of the full view without treatments for that city feel especially since we can see the cars from the back of the morning room. The valances are still an option. I did consider putting in drapes that can be drawn at night for privacy. I am not concerned about the privacy because no one is directly behind us. Honestly, I am waiting until I complete my morning room interior design to decide what window treatments I will use, if any.

    One of the things I love about model homes is checking out the window treatments which are a true source of inspiration. You can browse the RH website and look at the model home pictures.

    As for the hardwood tile, I think they are an absolutely fabulous alternative to real hardwood. I was told that we could not put hardwood in the basement so I am hoping that this will work especially since it's less expensive. I intend to put them in the wet bar area and the small storage room that has been converted to a Spa Room.

  3. I agree... I love the look of just valances in the morning room because that room gets so much natural light. As long as you don't have crazy neighbors really close by I vote for the valances!