Monday, May 6, 2013


So for the last week or so I have been leading you on about a HUGE project.  My husband has literally been working day and night to get this done in time for my daughter's birthday party yesterday and literally Saturday night it was done......well done as its going to be for the moment anyway.....seems like nothing is every fully done and in terms of this project we have a lot more to do but I'm just too excited to show you the project that I can't wait until everything is fully done!!

 I always knew my husband was very handy but I am so beyond amazed of his handy work on this project and everyone at the party was in awe that he did everything from scratch.  Nothing from this project was pre-assembled, pre-cut, pre-prepared, pre-drafted, or pre-done was all his work from design to finish and I couldn't be more proud of  him......he did a fantastic job!!  He did learn a lot from this project though....probably the biggest thing he learned was not to let your wife know how crafty you are because it just opens the doors to many, many more "To Do's" on the to do list, and now I know that there is no idea too big for him to tackle!!

So are you ready to see what my husband made?................

So remember this room (our office/toy room)?......remember how I complained it was such a mess and so cluttered and I had no space for anything.......

well I'm excited to show you that this is how it looks as of today:

Sorry for the horrible pictures as they don't do this project any justice at all......BUT DON'T YOU LOVE IT??  Makes me just want to do cartwheels or something!!  If you couldn't tell already I just LOVE how it turned out.  The shelves are all adjustable and the cabinets below also have adjustable shelves, and he even made the cabinet doors by hand as well which really had me in awe!! I now have a TON of space to organize and put away kids things.   I have already cleared out our pantry of Art supplies, kids rooms of books, toys etc. and I still have a ton of space left.  Hopefully I'll get it a bit more organized and neatly filled with items but for now I'm just happy that its already made such a big difference in our home.

So now that my husband has completed this project, he decided to take a break and build me something else today while I was at work......check this out:

I know, you've already seen the shed he built.....BUT you haven't seen the shed with the completed window boxes he made today!!! Again very excited to have these done and now I can't wait to go get some flowers to fill them with.

So there you have it my friends.......the big project I've been so excited to share with you.  Now I guess its on to the next project but for today I think we'll just take advantage of this beautiful weather while we can!!

Until next post......enjoy!!


  1. I love it!!!! Amazing job. Well done hubby....very handy.

  2. Love the shelves/cabinets!!

  3. Wow! Your hubby is amazing! He did a fantastic job. Love it!!

  4. Wow! That is absolutely stunning! He did those doors by hand? Do you rent him out?

  5. Wow that is awesome! I can't wait to see the next project.

  6. That's amazing! They look so great! I love the shed too!

  7. Those shelves and cabinets are amazing! I'm super jealous!!

  8. The suspense is OVER!! What a fantastic JOB! LOVE IT!

  9. Love it! How did you guys do that?? I want to do that for our basement!