Thursday, May 30, 2013


I love my husband.  He's been my best friend since we were in grade school, an awesome, fun, devoted father, he's handy, handsome, romantic, funny, loving, thoughtful.....I could truly go on and on......and although I don't tell him nearly enough as I should, in short he's everything I've ever dreamed about in a husband.   Even though I think the world of him, occasionally he does some things that just make me crazy!!

For one thing, my husband is one of those curious fidgety know the ones who like to take perfectly fine functioning things apart and put them back together again just to see how things work or were put together.  It never fails, if he has something on his mind he just has to fidget with it to get it out of his system ......and to his credit he is way smarter than I ever could imagine being when it comes to mechanics and designing things and fixing things etc. which he learned by being fidgety.  I, on the other hand, am a task master.  Don't mess with it unless its broke, no goofing around just get it done and it better be neat and tidy while doing it and it should be done efficiently and correctly the first time.  So you can imagine how these two very different personality types can sometimes clash when it comes to ideas/projects and getting them done.   

Over the years we've thankfully worked out a system when it comes to projects.  Sometimes my husband will just do things without telling me just so he can get it done without me griping about it and then I can "inspect and approve" it later when its finished.  However, when I know he is working on a project he just reminds me, "it's not done, wait until its done before you start picking it apart"........and I take that as a hint to leave him be.  I have to say that whatever he is working on usually comes out beyond fantastic!!  Its just so unfortunate that his process of getting things done and mine greatly differ so its horribly painful for me to watch and keep quiet and incredibly frustrating for him while I wallow over every little when he reminds me that he's "not done yet", I try hard to just let him do his thing and keep quiet until its completed.

Well recently my husband and I had very different opinions on a little project that he tried to sneak past me.  I will just tell you that one day he mentioned to me that he was "curious" and the next day I came home and spotted a hole in the ceiling of the garage which he tried to cover up by just laying pieces of  the drywall back over the hole (as if I wouldn't notice :-)).........this was not an approved way of doing things in my book as you can imagine!!  Not only was it not approved, but the garage wasn't broke, there was nothing pressing that would require the need to put a hole in a perfectly fine garage ceiling, and seriously what curiosity would make you just randomly cut a hole in the ceiling one day!!!!  There are so many more projects that he could have done like paint a room, landscape the yard, work on the basement, build some laundry room cabinets, but no he chose to saw A HOLE IN THE GARAGE CEILING!!!! you can imagine my frustration when I saw the hole!!!

The game was well played on my husband's part.   He knows me way better than I give him credit for.  The damage was done and he knew I wouldn't be able to just let it go and would make him complete the task.  So he got his way and this is the newest project that has been completed:
sorry the pictures aren't is a garage though...I'm not sure I could make it look that nice.....
 This is where "the hole" once was......

 Now its stairs to access the giant amount of storage space above the garage.......
view into the space........

We actually did this at our last house and I have to say it was awesome for storing stuff like winter sleds, extra lumber etc......BUT our last house was WAY smaller and we didn't have as much basement space either.  In this house there is so much more space.....not to mention he built a bigger shed, and we have a HUGE much more space does one need to store "stuff"??  This is why we greatly differed in opinion on this....I saw no need for this in our new house and if space was an issue then we needed to get rid of some stuff but he just couldn't let that space go to waste.....he was curious!!!  So now its done and we have stairs to storage above our garage.  He also put electric up there as well so he has a light.  Its actually a HUGE space for those out there that are also curious.  He bought the stairs at a big box store and was able to install them himself........such a HUGE improvement from the hole in the ceiling......and he did a good job making it look nice too!!

In other news, my husband also installed a loft in our shed, built some shelves in the garage and the shed, and is finally getting things neat and tidy in the basement and the garage/shed areas.  We finally have some flowers in our shed flower boxes and got some new urns and flowers for our front step (if it wasn't dark I would have taken some time!).  We're also waiting for some quotes we got on some other projects we hope to have completed or at least started this stay tuned and there will be much more to come!!!

Any of you have some great storage ideas/projects/tips to share??

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  1. Wow, you definitely have a handy husband! At least this storage space can act like a shed for the front lawn (to store stuff you'd rather not bring inside the house). I can see this being convenient if you have a large backyard and the shed located in the far corner away from the basement exit/door.